🔴 Promo alert: You deserve some Good Stuff, and here’s why

11.11 PROMO: You Deserve Some Good Stuff Box

Sometimes it feels like there are days when things are going wrong, doesn't it? When you feel overwhelmed with the bad news of the day, you might need some good stuff to keep the day light and positive. We have also learned that surprises are good for the soul, and that is why we wanted to take this time to create a gift box that’s only filled with good stuff that will put a smile on anyone’s faces receiving it. So you might ask, what’s in the box? Well, it’s going to be all kinds of good stuff, cause you deserve it!

Inside this Good Stuff Gift Box, you will find:

1 x Mini Mae Classic Retro Game Keychain 

We’ve decided to rekindle the glory days of retro gaming, and bring back those simpler days with some classic old-school games on the go. This pocket-sized game console fits snugly in your pocket so you can play your favorite games wherever you go, and play anytime, anywhere, even when you're taking a dump in the toilet bowl. 

Oh, just make sure you hold it tight as it is really kinda small. It’s a gift for the nostalgia-lover in your life, or simply a gift to keep them company.

Click here for more info: www.twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/mini-mae-classic-retro-game-keychain


1 x Smiley Embroidery Patch 


11.11 Promo Smiley Embroidery Patch


Everyone needs a pick-me-up sometimes. This Smiley Embroidery Patch will give you your daily dose of positivity, and it will help you flash your biggest grin on your sleeve, this embroidered patch is the perfect gift for anyone with a good sense of humor.

1 x Puggy Embroidery Patch

11.11 Promo Puggy Embroidery Patch

Who can deny the cuteness of a Pug? Attach this Puggy Embroidery Patch to your backpack, jeans, shirt, whatever you want. No matter how much fun you're having, you'll have one more thing to smile about when you wear our embroidery patches.

Note: Comes in either the Flying Puggy or the Dabbing Puggy, which will be packed in randomly. Don't worry, both are equally cute.

1 x Cute Phone Bracket


11.11 Promo Cute Phone Bracket


It’s the little things in life that puts a smile on your face. We added a fun phone bracket inside this gift box too. You’ll never have to deal with a phone slipping from your hands again. This expanding stand finger holder attaches to your phone and creates a stand for your phone. They say handsfree is bliss.

Note: PS: Each box comes with 1 phone bracket. Randomly packed, but rest assured, they are all pretty cute. We couldn’t decide which we really love when we were curating this.

11.11 PROMO: You Deserve Some Good Stuff Box

Get this You Deserve Some Good Stuff Box for yourself or anyone you know who deserves some good stuff to make their day a little better. This box will keep them inspired, encouraged and remind them that someone out there loves and appreciates their awesome self.

🎁 11.11 PROMO: This gift box is only $11.11 from now until 11 November 2021.

Get it here: www.twosleepyheadsmarket.com/products/you-deserve-some-good-stuff-box

Limited sets available, while stocks last!